#KindnessMatters Leaderboard

5069841 acts of kindness from 70 countries & 300 partners

Making kindness the norm requires collaborations with partners whose mission is to contribute to the sustainable development goals.

In 2021, the campaign was joined by more than 300 partners from 56 countries. These have all contributed in different ways. These organizations are youth-led/focused organizations, formal structures and individuals committed to enhancing youth participation in the development agenda.

We are pleased to introduce you to the organizations that have contributed significantly - the "#KindnessMatters leaders". These have shared hundreds of thousands of acts of kindness.

Who will be the leaders for 2022? Let's organize a friendly competition where everyone's a winner.


Who are the 2021 leaders?

These organizations are organizations from all over the world that have actively participated in the collection of kindness stories for self, others and nature. They participated by creating their own kindness form, by organizing activities, workshops and events allowing the spreading of kindness. These actions were then shared with us and added to the Kindness counter.

How to participate this year?

All organizations and individuals are encouraged to participate. All you have to do is perform acts of kindness for self, others and nature and share them with us.
These actions can be done in your daily life or by organizing activities such as cleanups, meditation or helping in an animal shelter. Then, you create an account/profile on this platform and each month you come and share the total amount of kindness acts accomplished by your organizations or as part of your personal challenges.

How to create an account?

Complete the registration forms at the top of the screen on the right: Name, email address and password. You will receive an email confirming that you are registered following our approval. Then you will be able to customize your account (bio, logo, image and website).

Additionally, this account is where you can enter the total number of Kindness Stories you've collected each month.

Once "logged in" to your account, by choosing "ADD ACTIONS", you can indicate the number of stories you have collected, the location of these stories (country, city) and upload your document (excel) with the detailed stories.If you have any questions write to youth.mgiep@unesco.org

2021 Kindness partners

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